Monthly income from the number 1 solution

We recognise that many investors are looking to receive income on a monthly basis, and alongside this would prefer the level of income to be broadly consistent – or smoother – from month to month. After all, planning monthly finances is a lot easier if you know how much income is coming in. 

The Distribution Fund is an actively managed, multi-manager fund aiming to generate an attractive and reliable income as well as potential for capital growth. 

  • Current yield 4.5%
  • The fund is managed to deliver a smooth, sustainable monthly income throughout the year
  • The experienced team carefully selects holdings in more than 30 funds, which in turn give access to over 2000 potential sources of income, including global equities, fixed income and alternatives
  • The fund’s diversified approach to portfolio construction has helped to preserve capital through varying market conditions

The Navigator Distribution Fund: brought to you by an award winning team

The team have worked together for over 20 years and are recognised as industry leaders. They have expertise in asset allocation, fund selection and portfolio construction.


* Historic yield reflects distributions declared over the previous 12 months as a percentage of the share price as at 31.08.17 for C Inc shares. Source: BMO Global Asset Management. With respect to individual shareholders resident in the UK, from 6 April 2016 no tax will be deducted from dividend distributions at source and they will not have tax credits attached to them. Shareholders must contact HMRC or complete a self-assessment tax return to pay any tax due. Shareholders should consult the prospectus of the Fund and a tax adviser for further detail.