Make headwinds your tailwinds

The world is changing at a rapid pace. It can be hard to foresee future influences on the markets.

Each year our investment leaders and strategists gather for intensive briefing and fact finding. We debate the potential impact of various long-term dynamics. These insights are published in our Five-Year Outlook 2017 - 2022.

As global investors with responsibility for the stewardship of your capital, we are committed to sharing with you our investment insight. You can download the Outlook here for free.

panel debates in full flow

"This era of rapid change offers opportunities as well as some risks”
- Richard Wilson, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, BMO Global Asset Managment

What the Outlook covers

The Outlook examines persistent themes, including the effects of disruptive technology as well as protectionism versus globalisation.

With these in mind, it examines the state of the world today and considers their impact in the future.

The Outlook considers the investment implications of 3 possible long-term scenarios:

Scenario 1
Slow and steady wins the race

High conviction scenario (70% probability) in which the US-led global recovery continues with modest levels of growth and no recessionary dip.

Scenario 2
Power to the people

Downside surprise scenario (20% probability) in which failing monetary and fiscal policies fuel the fire of already alienated populations and ultimately result in increased protectionist measures.

Scenario 3
All pulling together

Upside surprise scenario (10% probability) in which the successful international implementation of centralised policies overcomes downward pressures on productivity and employment.

For each of these scenarios the Outlook considers the opportunities they may bring for strategic asset allocation.

So you gain insight into how your investment portfolio might be allocated.

Download options

Download the 2 page summary

5 year Outlook summaryfront cover

A quick read which gives:

  • A short review of 2016
  • A brief description of the 3 scenarios

Download the FULL Outlook

5 year Outlook front cover

A longer read consisting of:

  • A review of the current state of the world
  • The 3 scenarios and how they might affect investments
  • A strategic asset allocation over- and under-emphasis table